Monthly Archives: October 2016

Ernestine Simpson After working since the age of 14, raising eight children, and graduating college at the age of 50, no one could begrudge Ernestine Simpson for kicking back in retirement. But the affable octogenarian continues her community involvement with a myriad of volunteer activities. “As a volunteer you have to be… Read More
Marta Stott As a volunteer for Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children, Marta Stott personifies the maxim on the decorative garden stone in front of her home: “All things grow with love.” “I’ve always had a desire to work with children and a place in my heart for children that society doesn’t… Read More
Libbie Wills Ironically, “seeing the light” of community involvement for Libbie Wills had its genesis when the beacon on the T-jetty near her house disappeared. “When the light went missing, I called City Hall to see about replacing it.  That’s when I found out about the civic association.  I guess you could… Read More