Kelley Prevard: Art Inspired by Family

Kelley Prevard

For self-taught Atlantic City artist Kelley Prevard, the inspiration for the social, historical, and cultural leanings of her work had its genesis in the “closet art” of her grandmother followed by family loss.

“My grandma was a closet artist. No one saw her work but her close friends and family. I got started in painting by using her things.”

After beginning as a young teenager, Kelley abandoned the art scene for about seven years after high school, but the loss of her mother spearheaded a return with a more focused approach.

“Art became more meaningful. Instead of being just a creative outlet, it became my voice to speak out about things going on in the world. I started thinking about heritage and lineage, and how it gets interwoven into current times. With my art I
try to make pieces that are visual and bright but also make a statement about things going on in the world.”

Centered on questioning long-held social beliefs and speaking to social injustice, Kelley’s shows in New York, Washington, D.C., and Atlantic City’s Noyes Art Garage have drawn attention to her visual message.

“A lot of things go unsaid, but art has the ability to penetrate the soul. Sometimes words won’t do, and art can get those messages through. My goal is to be a consistent contributor to the world community. I believe art can help to make huge
changes in the world, and I really want to be part of that.”

Kelley Prevard’s art is speaking in a voice that would make her grandmother and mother proud.

-John “Yonk” Rosnick

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