Lee Phan: Power to the People

Lee Phan

With a mantra of “engage and empower,” Lee Phan addresses the needs of the underserved and knowledge starved demographic served by the insurance industry while working to make Atlantic City an insurance information hub.

Since the shift in accountability of personal well-being has increasingly fallen on the employee, Lee’s business model provides workers with tools and resources to make informed decisions.

“We would like to become a knowledge dispensary and stop the devastation caused by lack of employee knowledge. Nearly 80% of personal bankruptcies are tied to a catastrophic medical expense. We strive to communicate options to employees.”

As a Tier One supplier for major insurance companies, Lee is the only minority woman nationally in benefits communication and enrollment.

“I’m all for the little guy. I’m looking to maximize opportunities in Atlantic City and nationally, and to provide a robust benefits package to make people secure. I want to bring insurance information to the masses at a group level.”

While enhancing personal health benefits, this model can also provide a boon to the job-starved Atlantic City area.

“We envision an expansion of the financial services sector here. With six months of training at ACCC or Stockton, we could not only promote our message but also yield career opportunities. Because this can be national in scope, we don’t have to depend on local economic conditions. We can create and even export jobs.”

Hopefully, the fruits of Lee Phan’s “engaging” business model can “empower” both the individual and Atlantic City.

-John “Yonk” Rosnick

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