Mo Colon: Art of the Beast

Monique Colon Moon Beast

If vision is the art of seeing the invisible, then photographer/artist Mo Colon has artistic insight to be envied by others. Though he claims to have “found photography by accident,” the Ducktown resident places no boundaries on his artistic journey.

“I do street photography and lifestyle photography. I capture events, fashion brands, artists, and musicians. I’m drawn to people with a striking look, lights and shadows, textures, colors, and architecture. But I would really love to do murals all over Atlantic City. It would be a great way to broadcast the city.”

As a member of Atlantic City Arts Foundation “representing the younger generation of artists,” Mo feels that since he starting hanging around with artists and picking their brains, he has seen a vibrant transition in the Ducktown Art District. Expanding beyond his photography space and his passion for murals, Mo and some friends will soon open a boutique in the Noyes Arts Garage.

“The store is going to be sneakers and different T-shirt brands, both local and bigger brands. It will be the urban and street culture look. There will be art on the wall. Anything from street photography to graffiti to street art to abstracts. A little bit of everything.”

However, Mo’s fertile expansion ideas don’t stop with his boutique. Moonbeast, his media company, conducts photo and video shoots, but plans call for moving into website design to give customers the whole promotional package. But why the name Moonbeast?

“My zodiac sign is cancer and the nickname for cancer is moon child. My friends know I’m a passionate person, and sometimes my passion gets mistaken for being emotional. Jokingly they started to call me Moonbaby and then from that a friend said I’m more like a moonbeast. Oooo, I liked that. It just stuck because it was organic; it was me.”

After hearing about his myriad artistic plans, it’s obvious that Mo Colon’s endeavors are shooting for the creative “moon” with the passion and fury of a “beast.”

-John “Yonk” Rosnick

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